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Digital Signage Networks

Software Provisioning and Configuration

Login screen of the L Squared Hub Digital Signage software

The allocation of a the L Squared Hub server instance for your Digital Signage network happens automatically after a successful order has been placed in the system. You will receive a username and password along with the URL for your business and an introduction to the Hub.

Screen shot of the device management screen in the L Squared Hub Digital Signage software

After the server has been allocated, there is still a few more steps to complete before the application is fully operational for you to schedule content on the screens. These steps are adding devices, creating users, setting up permissions, creating a screen layout and creating meta tags for your device and frame.

If your network is small, then these steps are very easy, and can be done by yourself. However, for larger network, for networks with specific needs or if you just want to be hands off, we can set it all up for you according to your needs.

For information about the L Squared Hub, please check the Products section.