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Support & Monitoring

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One of our primary goals is to provide the best customer support in the industry. It is part of how we make building and running a Digital Signage network effortless for our clients. We offer remote and onsite support.

Remote Support

Remote support covers over 95% of our support incidents. Using web technologies, we are often able to resolve most issues remotely. If all hardware is purchased from us, we will also facilitate any replacements and scheduling repairs or exchanges.

Remote support is delivered:

  • By phone during normal business hours (EST)
  • By email 24/7
  • By forum and social media 24/7
  • By online chat during normal business hours (EST)

Onsite Support

In the rare case that there is something that needs to be done onsite, we provide onsite support. Customers have the option of purchasing this level of support on a subscription plan or pay per incident.

Onsite support usually involves some kind of troubleshooting of network or power issue, replacement of faulty hardware, moving screen to a new location etc.


Please Contact us to get a copy of our Service Level Agreement.