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Third Party Integration

Picture depicting third party software integration

L Squared Hub can integrate with virtually any third party application that allows data to be exported. Even in those cases where data export functionality isn’t available, as long as the content is accessible through the network through a web page or some other means, integration may still be possible.

For integration of content, it’s fairly straight forward. We already support a lot of popular content sources in our widget library. For example, if you wanted to integrate Youtube content into your scheduling, you can simply use the Youtube widget and point the widget to the Youtube video you wish to play.

If a particular content source you wish to use is not available, we can build a widget for you.

To integrate some other part of the application to a third party system, you can engage our professional services team and we will create a customized solution for you. These can be integration to third party databases, unique look and feel to match your company brand etc.


To find out the current list of support third party content providers, please Contact a sale agent today.