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Hardware Procurement

Every Digital Signage project will involve some hardware. The three main hardware items you will need to consider are: Display Unit (LCD), Mounting Hardware and Media Player.

Of these three types, the media player is the only device that you need to purchase from us. Even this, in most cases, if you are already have Windows 7 or 8 based PC units you wish to use, we can usually retrofit to add our Digital Signage client to it.

You are free to choose your favourite Display Unit and Mounting Hardware, although we highly recommend sticking with the devices that propose because we know this hardware inside out and can provide you with the best support possible on them. You do not need to buy the display unit and mounting hardware from us but having a single provider of your entire solution results in a smoother deployment and a single neck to choke should any issues arise. We have an excellent partnership with top Digital Signage hardware providers so contact a sales representative today to find out your options.


Sample Display Unit


Sample Mounting Hardware


Sample of Media Player Hardware


Please Note!

This is just a sample of a few of the media player options in our database. There are many more options available to you.