Our Vision

To build world-class digital signage solutions that enable our customers to communicate powerfully with security, ease and impact.

What We Do

L Squared Digital Signage brings innovation to business communication with an intuitive cloud-based content management platform.

We simplify digital signage management with secure, connected tools that enable smart content scheduling, live streaming and device monitoring.

Our extensive App Market lets you curate digital displays with a wide variety of content, including live social feeds, HD videos, live weather, digital menus and directories.

Why We Do It

We believe well-executed communication has the power to radically transform a business.

Businesses are challenged with the time-consuming efforts of regularly pushing out engaging content. Furthermore, customers and employees require critical information to be delivered at the right time to make informed decisions.

L Squared Digital Signage considers these needs to create a comprehensive technology platform. Ultimately, empowering brands and marketers to focus on what they do best: create quality content that pushes boundaries and delivers value to their businesses.

Strategic Partners