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The UPS Store Canada is one of the most successful small business franchises in Canada. Its roots are from the parent company UPS (United Postal Service), one of the most recognizable brands in the world and industry leader in global freight. The UPS Store Canada provides customers with a multitude of services including: printing products, mailbox services, packing and moving supplies, small business support and their traditional, multi-option shipping services.


The UPS Store Canada had already recognized the effective implementation of Digital Signage technology and had deployed store-wide in the late 2000’s. The problem with the legacy system was that it was not able to handle the growing needs of the UPS Store business model. The Digital Signage product that The UPS Store was looking for needed to be easy to use so store owners with limited computer knowledge could set-up and use it for localized promotions. This is in addition to the ability of a centralized access where the national marketing team could also push out dynamic content. The billing and payment in a franchise scenario is often unique, in that each franchisee has a contract with the vendor that needs to be managed as an individual customer. However it is also in this same format that the many individual business provide a network that functions as a single unit for corporate purposes. It was an issue that no consolidated billing and processing program existed, and therefore Franchisees paid on sporadic schedules, received inconsistent support and felt left out of the program. Lastly, since this was a retrofit project, The UPS Store wanted to minimize upfront investment yet capitalize on new technology where possible.

Solution and Results

The UPS Store selected the L Squared Hub as their Digital Signage platform. After reviewing multiple software options, the Company preferred the L Squared solution for reliability. Specifically the decision related to delivering necessary functionality, innovative developments and a cost-friendly program that works for everyone. L Squared Digital Signage has a long track record of exceptional customer service. This was an important aspect in decision making, as The UPS Store places a priority on maintaining and supporting franchisee growth and development.

The proposed solution by L Squared Digital Signage was a complete overhaul of the network while keeping the existing infrastructure. The media players being used in most of the stores were legacy hardware which needed to be immediately upgraded and replaced, while keeping the more expensive TVs where possible. L Squared Digital Signage’s low cost media players were used to replace existing ones. The L Squared Hub software was pre-installed on all the media players. The UPS Store simply shipped the units to the stores as they completed their online payment using the L Squared payment portal.

The payment portal creates a subscription for individual stores, as well as creating an online contract between the store and L Squared. When the store receives the media player they simply replace the existing unit and inform The UPS Store of the ID that shows up on the screen. That media player is then added to The UPS Store network which automatically pushes out the desired media content, store hours, news, etc… to the screen.

The result is an effortless Digital Signage system that provides The UPS Store and its Franchisees with cost effective, reliable and resourceful Digital Signage software. The payment portal and online contract management made the billing and customer management easy and painless for franchise business owners. The total amount of time to retrofit one store is literally minutes from start to finish. For more information on our Digital Signage Program, please email and the promo code “franchise”.

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