Toronto Region Board of Trade

The Toronto Region Board of Trade is Canada’s largest chamber of commerce that represent over 12,000 individuals and 250,000 professionals throughout the Toronto Region.


Toronto Region Board of Trade had a legacy Digital Signage system that they were using for two purposes. One was displaying meeting information as they hosted many of the cities important meetings and functions as well as a series of promotional screens that showcased their sponsors. The existing signage system was not flexible for them to change content in real time and the cost of the system was very high.

In addition, they wanted to expand its use to cover advertising opportunities that they can provide to their sponsors and generate more revenue.

Solution and Results

L Squared created a single Digital Signage solution that encompassed both the meeting calendar functionality as well as their promotional and advertising screens and provided them a way to scale the solution to many more screens should the need arise in the future.

L Squared’s solution used all the existing infrastructure cutting the capital cost of the solution by over 90% and using cloud based software solution that reduced the monthly operating expenses by 70%.

Toronto Region Board of Trade now has a cloud based Digital Signage solution they are able to use to instantly update content on any of their screens, provide additional space for sponsors and cut costs dramatically from their legacy solution.

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