Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in Canada with over 9 million subscribers. In addition to wireless products, Rogers also operates an Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) group that provides various telecommunication related products and services to Canadian businesses including (Wireless back up, Office 360, Wifi and Digital Signage).


Rogers was looking to increase brand awareness and communication with Canadian business leaders exposing their new line of Advanced Business Solutions. Rogers procured a sponsored space within the Toronto Region Board of Trade, designed as a combination work and think lab for members, groups and visitors. The problem was how to showcase Rogers’s offerings and create the opportunity for visitors to interact for more Rogers’s looked for a qualified Digital Signage Vendor with the experience and capabilities to also offer interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Solution and Results

L Squared was selected to supply both wall-mounted digital signage and interactive digital signage in the form of a kiosk application. Visitors and members could use this informative kiosk to get schedules for local transit, restaurant and travel information, floor plans to the Board of Trade and more. The kiosk also provided details and contact info regarding all of the new Rogers solutions available to business in which visitors could fill out a form for immediate response.

In addition to the interactive system, several other digital signage screens were also deployed using cloud based digital signage software. The result of the digital signage was clear messaging from Rogers to visitors, members and walk-in traffic on the highlights of new Rogers solutions.

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