Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario is the largest Ministry in the provincial government. Over 40% of Ontario’s annual budget is allocated to the Ministry of Health to fund and manage 146 public hospitals distributed throughout Ontario.


The Ministry of Health, through research and study, discovered that part of the reason for the long wait times in the emergency rooms in Ontario was due to lack of understanding of available health care options by their patience. A lot of people were going to the Emergency Room when they could receive the same level of care from a handful of other options that are just as easily accessible to them but were unaware of it.

They needed a system that can educate their patience on the available options to the residence of Ontario. These systems needed to be usable in healthcare environments and conform to the disability act.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the project and it’s timing close to an election, it needed to be completed in a tight time frame and without the utmost of care.

Solution and Results

L Squared created an interactive kiosk system that used the ministry healthcare connect GUI to educate clients of their health care options in an easy to use, bilingual interactive application.

In addition, L Squared custom designed and locally manufactured kiosk specific to the needs of the Ministry with specific antimicrobial surface.

The project spanned 20 of the busiest hospitals in Ontario and was completed from start to finish within four months.

L Squared received an award from the Government of Ontario for the incredible success of this project.

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