McMaster University

McMaster University, established in 1887 an ranked among the Top 85 Universities in the World with a student enrollment of over 36,449 students and 7,800 staff, across 4 campuses and occupying 377 acres.


McMaster had several different legacy Digital Signage systems that did not talk to each other, and each system was operated by a different department within the University. The administration needed one unified communication solution that was versatile enough for each department to use, had a simple user interface, and the system needed to integrate into their critical emergency messaging system.

Solution and Results

The L Squared team was able to deliver a one stop shop for all department communication needs and replaced all the disparate systems, integrated the emergency messaging, adding 20 buildings to the infrastructure with no increase in costs. The L Squared cloud-based communication solution now allows each department to manage their content, has a single invoicing process and allows the University to quickly expand to other departments and buildings with little to no additional costs to administer the solution. Lastly, we provided them with a robust managed service with a 5-year warranty on the new screens so they can focus on what they do best and not worry about if the signage is up and running or not.

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