McMaster University

McMaster University is located in Hamilton Ontario, with a student enrollment of over 29,000 students and 7,800 staff occupying 377 acres. It is one of the largest Universities in Canada and is one of the few Universities with a Hospital and Medical program.


McMaster has several different legacy Digital Signage systems that span a few departments on campus. They needed a Digital Signage solution that allow them to grow campus wide quickly and provide a robust integrated emergency messaging system. This project is to cover 20 additional buildings on campus as well as integrate emergency messaging into the existing Digital Signage infrastructure as well as personal and campus computer systems.

The existing Digital Signage systems were put in place by different departments in the University and for different purposes therefore they all had a different signage platform with wide variety of capabilities.

Solution and Results

L Squared built a robust cloud based Digital Signage network that covers 20 buildings on campus and provides emergency messaging to on the Digital Signage screens as well as many of the computers used on campus.

Our solution was to integrate a third party emergency messaging system to a cloud based Digital Signage solution. The reason is, it is too complex and in some cases impossible to install two signage client software on the same media player. Since we had to keep legacy system and still provide a uniform messaging system for security on all systems, a third party messaging client was the correct choice. Having a third party emergency message over ride would allow a universal emergency messaging system while preserving the existing signage infrastructure. The cloud based Digital Signage solution will allow them to quickly expand across other areas of the campus fairly easily when they are ready to do so. Lastly, we provided them with a completely managed service with 5 year warranty on the new screens so they can focus on what they do best and not worry about if the signage is up and running or not.

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