Lakefield College

Lakefield College is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious private co-ed boarding schools. The school is located on a 155 acre waterfront property in Central Ontario, Canada and home to a worldwide collection of alumni including Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.


Lakefield has a very engaging and outdoor-focused curriculum with a great deal of student participation. In addition, there is a rich history of accomplishments, awards and activities that reflect the continuing evolution of the School. Administration was looking for a way to collectively improve communications while targeting the student mass and visitors. The use of paper bulletin boards and email was not having the desired effect on student and visitor engagement. The school grappled with finding a medium that could impact energy, morale and safety in a synchronized and powerful way.

Solution and Results

L Squared recommended and provided a centralized Digital Signage network that would leverage screens in high traffic areas of the facility in both the new and older sections. The signage network utilized high resolution 46” LED screens that made the distribution of both student and faculty designed content easy to load and display. The signage software allowed for both static and rich media to be scheduled and controlled by a tiered admin system.

The new Digital Signage network allowed staff to communicate more efficiently with students about upcoming events, and keep visitors and parents informed about all the great things that were happening at the school.

In addition, the Digital Signage displays became a powerful branding and marketing tool that engaged and conveyed to prospective new students the value and culture of Lakefield College.

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