Webinar Using New Digital Marketing Channels to Engage and Sell

Companies are always looking for new, effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers and influence them at point of purchase. 2014 has seen a rise in prominence of “new systems of engagement” such as Digital Signage. These systems help organizations to attract, engage and interact with customers and stakeholders.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn about new tools and trends to helpyour organisation create a relationship with existing and potential customers by delivering an engaging real-time brand experience.

1pm EST,Wednesday, September 10

This is your opportunity to learn how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are providing companies with innovative, metric-driven ways to present content and increase sales.


  1. Engage customers with real time, interactive digital displays
  2. Learn about tools to help your company offer unique, segmented content
  3. Learn how you can customise and automate your corporate branding and promotions
  4. Connect your sales and marketing channels with real time digital signage advertising
  5. Gain a greater market share with cost effective ways to engage in high-traffic environments


You will walk away with ideas to enhance your company’s marketing communications and increase sales!

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