L Squared and SocialHRCamp Supporting Free The Children

SocialHRCamp, partner of L Squared, has initiated an awesome project to support Free The Children, an international charity and educational partner.

The project will directly fund the building of a school in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Working in the communities of Mondaña and Bellavista, both in the Napo province, Free The Children is developing sustainable community partnerships to ensure children have safe and wonderful places to learn and so that communities are empowered to change their circumstances and lift themselves out of poverty.

“Free The Children is deeply appreciative of SocialHRCamp’s initiative to raise funds and awareness in support of building a school in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Their support will be instrumental in providing students with access to an education as well as a safe and wonderful space to learn. Free The Children believes that education is the foundation, which can break the cycle of poverty. With SocialHRCamp’s investment, we will be able to provide instrumental opportunities for elementary school students in these communities, creating a brighter hope for their future.”

Shellbie Wilson — Senior Manager Donor Engagement, Free The Children

Free The Children Ecuador60% of upcoming SocialHRCamp ticket revenue in Toronto (November 13, 2014) and Vancouver (tbd) will be donated to the project. SocialHRCamp will also initiate a campaign where the public can donate to the cause. Further, SocialHRCamp will work with crowd-funding platform and SocialHRCamp sponsor Tilt.com to launch and run this initiative. Stay tuned for the launch of these platforms.

Part of SocialHRCamp Founder, Jeff Waldman’s original vision for the Camp was to integrate a philanthropic component. Free The Children was a logical choice for Waldman, a father of 3 young boys living in North Toronto where education is a core value and easily accessible to Canadian children. Philanthropy has long been a major part of the Human Resources community, says Waldman. This project will increase the level of engagement with the broader HR Community, and continue the work to build the skills of Practitioners in social media and emerging HR/Recruitment technology adoption.


For more information about the fantastic work that Free The Children is currently doing in the Amazon click on the image below for up-to-date stories from the communities they work in. Updates are made every 4-6 weeks.

Free The Children Ecuador Amazon

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