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Digital Signage Software: The User Experience

The dashboard of a Digital Signage Content Management System  is a critical part of our application because it brings to the administrators’ attention to all the critical information in the system that needs attention right away.

Getting the dashboard right is key to the user experience. 

Good software in 2015 should, in fact, be as easy and intuitive as mainstream tools like WordPress or Hootsuite.  

Information such as device status, content saturation, media use, unapproved content and schedules are all presented to users when they log in to tools such as our Hub. 

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Digital Signage Content Help: Using the Graphical Frame Designer

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create a digital signage screen with different messages and widgets in different areas of the screen to offer maximum targeted content to your audience.

What’s that you say?! You Can? Oh yeah – that’ll be through L Squared Digital Signage’s A-MAZ-ING cool new digital signage content management software which we call the Hub.

Designing frames (also referred to as segmenting the screen into zones) in the L Squared Hub is as easy as drawing rectangles in your favorite drawing tool and even easier, we believe, than using many established website CMS tools on the market. 

You simply add a frame, then drag the corner in our graphical design tool to create the frame at the size you want. No need to do any math to figure out the right sizes. The frames just snap into place!