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Predictions For Digital Signage In 2016

Its that time of year again when the team at L Squared looks ahead to the trends expected in the next twelve months.

Digital Signage, as a marketing channel, is no longer the unknown little sister of web, email and social marketing. Powerful new technologies, like the L Squared Hub CMS, brings multiple advertising and marketing channels together to offer targeted information at the right times.

Next year will be a time when marketing and HR staff adopt, en mass, digital signage CMS tools to promote customer and employee facing messages with the most possible impact.


The proliferation of centrally managed digital sign networks displayed on the shop floor, in offices and public spaces has the led to an explosion of interaction. Since consumers’ needs drive business, digital software marketers will face the big 2016 challenge of optimizing their brand’s influence at point of purchase.

Interaction with digital posters and signs will continue to explode in offices and other corporate buildings throughout 2016. Use of signs as an employee engagement and education tools is on the rise as HR and Communications teams harness digital signage content management software.

Digital Signage Software: The User Experience

The dashboard of a Digital Signage Content Management System  is a critical part of our application because it brings to the administrators’ attention to all the critical information in the system that needs attention right away.

Getting the dashboard right is key to the user experience. 

Good software in 2015 should, in fact, be as easy and intuitive as mainstream tools like WordPress or Hootsuite.  

Information such as device status, content saturation, media use, unapproved content and schedules are all presented to users when they log in to tools such as our Hub. 

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Property Management Case Study: Front Desk

Front Desk is a SaaS based property management software company specializing in the residential condominium market. Front Desk software is used by hundreds of  condominium communities across Canada and was recently acquired by Association Voice, a North American leader in Property Management.

The Challenge

As a comprehensive software platform for condos, Front Desk contains a database of all the parcel deliveries, resident announcements, classified advertisements, and community event information. This information is only accessible online or through mobile devices and the condo management is left printing and pasting paper in all high traffic areas to communicate.

This problem caused cluttered and constant paper postings in high traffic common areas which residents ignored or missed due to the small size and black and white layout of  photocopies, which impacted building operations.

Solution & Result


L Squared implemented a cloud based digital signage software portal integrated directly into Front Desk Property Management software’s database. The direct feed pulled the data into strategically placed digital signage screens.

This resulted in a digital signage system that was incredibly easy to manage and maintain for the small staff at the condos. It also increased the value of the Front Desk Property Management software as it now allowed the  condo management to communicate digitally and directly with residents in multiple languages and with reduced paper usage in real time.



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