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Webinar: Using Digital Posters And Screens To Engage And Sell

Discover innovative opportunities within digital screen media to engage with new and existing customers.

Companies are always looking for new, effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers and influence them at point of purchase.

Understand the latest technologies and processes available to help your company create a better brand in targeted and effective ways.



Digital Signage Networks are now offering organizations new and affordable ways attract, engage and interact with customers and stakeholders like never before.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn about new tools and trends to help your organisation create a relationship with existing and potential customers by delivering an engaging real-time brand experience.

Jerry Remys Sports Bar and Grill Boston

Sign Up For This Webinar Happening April 1, at @ 1pm EDT



This is your opportunity to learn how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are providing companies with innovative, metric-driven ways to present content and increase sales.

  1. Engage customers with real time, interactive digital displays
  2. Learn about tools to help your company offer unique, segmented content
  3. Learn how you can customise and automate your corporate branding and promotions
  4. Connect your sales and marketing channels with real time digital signage advertising
  5. Gain a greater market share with cost effective ways to engage in high-traffic environments

You will walk away with ideas to enhance your company’s marketing communications and increase sales!

Our Big Five Predictions for Digital Signage in 2015

Wow! Its 2015 already?! Well let’s go fellow Digital Signage enthusiasts!

2015 is going to be a big year for the industry. L Squared is pleased to say that we’re involved in some of the biggest projects coming out of North America in the coming months. Spoilers.. more to come on that later.

For now let’s take an overview of what could happen in Digital Signage this year. Here are our top 5 predictions:

1. Digital Signage finally becomes a mainstay of the ‘standard digital marketing mix’

2015 will be the year that Digital Signage comes out of the shadows and fits firmly at the heart of integrated marketing campaigns.

Better Digital Signage CMS technology and more intelligent content scheduling has laid the foundations for this year to see general adoption of digital signage along side other forms of advertising and the more established marketing channels such as social and email.

Digital Marketing

2. HR gets involved:

As Marketing bosses bring Digital Signage into budgets, so too will HR. We’d predict that it will still be a while until HR really embraces the internal communications power which the channel offers but events like socialhrcamp are already paving the way for Digital Signage to fill an important employee engagement gap.

3. iBeacons and NFC proliferate

iBeacons and NFC are technologies that are sparking tests, concepts and consternation among digital signage network operators and software providers. In 2015, Apple will unlock its NFC chip, opening up a wave of adoption. iBeacon tests will spread quickly.

Both approaches will endure, but with differing use cases. There does not appear to be a clear path to integration with digital signage for the push technology, iBeacon.

We predict that, for now, the pull technology of NFC, bolstered by payment systems, will have more relevance to digital signage as there are logical integration points.

4. Content rationalization steps forward

The coming trend in content will be automated tools for autocorrecting content encoding to optimize playout on digital signs or other platforms.

HTML has won the battle for the hearts and minds of both content producers and software providers. We’ll see tools, like L Squared’s Hub, which make assets useful across mediums (responsive) in an automated way.

5. Digital Signage A.K.A Public Video

There’s been a lot of noise recently about rebranding our technology as “Public Video”.

Will the DPAA, (formerly OVAB), become the PVAA? Our prediction is that the term ‘Digital Signage’, even if its not to the liking of some Sales and Branding types, is probably here to stay but who knows! The sector is growing and diversifying so quickly that we may well be called L Squared Public Video by the time we make predictions for 2016. We hope not as it would mean a logo redesign 🙂


What is a Hybrid Playlist and How Can it be Automated?

In our experience, we see a place for when a playlist is needed. Users need a specific set of content, arranged in a certain way and played together as a package.

There are also times when you want to take one piece of content and throw it into the mix and let the system figure out where to place that message into the existing list of communications.

This is why we created a system that can do both. We call it the Hub.

You can create and schedule playlist if you wanted to but each playlist gets auto scheduled into the player.

Which means if there is other playlist overlapping your schedule time period, the system will take care of scheduling them together.

This means that you can go with purely playlist based schedule, purely automated scheduling or combine them both when you need to.

Just another handy innovation from the team at L Squared. Contact us to learn more.

Google Hires Giant Times Square Digital Billboard

Google has become the first company to hire the huge digital billboard in Times Square, New York.

Online Giant Reaching 300,000 People Every Day

The giant digital screen, as big as a soccer field, is the biggest and most expensive billboard in the world and is seen by around 300,000 pedestrians every day.

Mounted on the side of the Marriot Marquis hotel, New York, the billboard is an incredible eight storeys high and estimated to cost US$2.5m to hire for four weeks.


Times Square’s brightly-lit billboards are some of the most iconic and well-known outdoor advertising spaces.

The new billboard was turned on on Tuesday evening and will show a nature-inspired digital art piece for a week until Google’s adverts begin running. The US tech giant is reported to have hired the screen until January 2015.

Hundreds of tourists watched as the screen was turned on.

The screen is also connected to cameras, allowing for interactive content.

An estimated 300,000 pedestrians pass the billboard daily
Billed as Times Square"s largest and most expensive digital billboard, a new megascreen is debuted in front of the Marriott Marquis hotel on November 18, 2014 in New York CityThe new billboard stands out even among other brightly-lit screens in Times Square

Digital Marketing

Digital Signage Advertising is Set to Grow and Grow!

As consumers begin to spend with confidence again, companies need to use advertising campaigns to attract and engage. Through powerful innovations in software and ever-cheaper hardware, digital signage advertising is primed to take advantage of these new consumers.

Digital screens and posters

Digital billboards present one of the best examples of how an emerging trend can be quickly transformed by new innovations. Originally, the advertising value of digital billboards were viewed as all about eye-popping displays, video content, and the ability to modify or replace an ad display at a moment’s notice. These benefits are still powerful but zoning laws are becoming increasingly restrictive as to the size, brightness, and location of these billboards.

The mobile landscape

The ability of mobile networks and Bluetooth technology to send advertisements to the phones of drivers as they pass by is now seen as the future of digital billboards and, quite possibly, digital advertising in general.

Digital signage advertising advertising and content software

To stay on top of new innovations and emerging trends, you need digital software that can deliver capabilities that are compatible with the latest technology, along with a user-friendly interface that will allow companies to generate their ad content in a timely manner.

There are some super digital signage advertising and content management out there now, such as theHub from L Squared, which can get your digital sign advertising up and running before you know it and give the tools necessary to monitor their effectiveness.

First published in our media partner Digital Signage eXaminer.