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AV Technologies – What Options are Available?

Brackets, mounts, and stands are products used by the whole channel. They may not be the most exciting pieces of kit out there, but does this doesn’t mean there’s no innovation in the sector.

Display stands and support accessories should, and can, be stylish, virtually unseen, easy to install, offer high functionality and cost effective

Our CEO, Gajendra Ratnavel suggests: “Value for money is important as you don’t expect the mounting systems to cost more than about 10 per cent of a new AV installation. AV and related technologies and accessories are cheaper than ever so companies no longer need to choose between style versus substance when it comes to installations and Digital Signage”.

Gajendra continues: “Style-wise, AV mounts have to look good and are not simply a matter of scaffold and glass,” he remarks. “Clients want a cable managed system with safe, integrated technology which is scalable from a video endpoint to a fully embedded room control system.”

Uniformity, serviceability and good alignment are essential in bracket design for video walls. There are a lot of truly affordable video brackets in the market.

Our team would be happy to tell you more! Contact us to learn about options.

The AV market is highly diverse and L Squared strives to offer systems across the board with a ‘best/better/good strategy’ which offers something for all tastes and budgets. The ‘best’ product offers the most functionality and is quickest and easiest to install. ‘Better’ products have a lower spec at a more competitive price. While ‘good’ entry-level products are the most competitively priced, with a lower spec and take longer to install.”

Easy installation is a big factor when selecting AV mounts.

Money spent upfront on a mount will deliver significant savings in installation challenge and time. Cheap mounts take longer to fit out and the ultimate cost could be far higher than investing in a decent solution at the outset. The take away here though is that even the cheaper solutions are far, far better than even two or three years ago and, as budgets increase companies and expand on their AV and Digital Signage infrastructure.

The boom in video conferencing and collaboration has also spurred demand for stands, trollies and wall mounts which provide good cable management and are virtually invisible. “Screen content is what’s important in the office or collaboration space. So we design systems which are aesthetically pleasing and show off content.

Interested? Get in touch. We’re here to help you make the right hardware and software decisions.


AV and Digital Signage in the Boardroom

Let’s face it, top executives are not always the most tech-savvy people in the company, but that doesn’t stop them wanting the latest AV and Digital Signage technology when it comes to equipping the boardroom and impressing clients.

There are lots of reasons why your boardroom needs effective AV and, in our opinion, the right Digital Signage content management software. For example, today’s  boardroom requires participants in the meeting to collaborate more, share content dynamically, engage with remote sites and enable better decision making through more critical on-screen information.

Looking to impress your clients and stakeholders when they come to your boardroom? You’ll need the best AV and Digital Signage!

Clients and stakeholders want a built-in phone system, incredible image quality, hidden audio and the capability to communicate with the outside world and each other. Using the best AV and presenting dynamic, targeted content through Digital Signage can be your secret weapon to impress and grow new markets.

You boardrooms, meeting rooms and even the shop floor can now be a place for the all important ‘Big Data’.

What does this look like? Well, presentations, high-quality video and audio conferencing, data sharing, real time video streaming and recording are all part of the mix.

Executives can be idiosyncratic in their demands, but there are common themes. A standard fit-out could include projector or large displays for user presentation content, table or ceiling microphones, high quality loudspeakers over the listener positions and various local source inputs from laptops. Extras might include individual presentation screens, and high-definition and multi-channel media playback systems for reviewing high definition content, broadcast television and news feeds.

Better Screens, Better Signage, Better Corporate Communications

A company’s top brass are increasingly likely to find themselves looking at a high-quality 70in or 80in flat panel display rather than the traditional projector screen. “We’ve seen lots more flat panel displays than projectors going into small and medium-sized boardrooms,” says Brent Nacu, Director of Business Development at L Sqaured.  “Previously unobtainable technologies are now available at rates that even the smaller companies can easily budget for and the sophistication of the accompanying software in 2014 and into 2015 is simply amazing!”.

Brent continues:  “The quality of AV equipement and the software to run your Digital Signage is so much better now, and we’ve found that it’s gone from a nice-to-have to mission critical in a couple of years or less”.

A well implemented Digital Sigange content network system can unify, simplify and co-ordinate/automate a company’s corporate communications in a segmented and meaningful way. We’ve noticed that companies are increasingly combining statndard displays with touch screen interfaces to provide even more real-time insights. This further develops the targeted and department-specific communications which corporations are looking for to enhance their appeal to external guests.

We at L Squared believe that the relentless drive towards digital will see the demise of analogue kit in new boardroom installations within the next few years.

Brent Nacu adds: “There’s no doubt in my mind the vast majority of boardrooms will be fully digital by the end of the decade. AV options which are married with new Digital Signage technologies are, frankly, seductive and can work as your extra salesperson in the boardroom”.

The introduction of segmented and pre-scheduled Digital Signage content management softwares like our Hub will mean that boardrooms will not only be a place to discuss clients needs. It will become a place which visually demonstrates the USPs of a corporate culture and its services.

What is a Hybrid Playlist and How Can it be Automated?

In our experience, we see a place for when a playlist is needed. Users need a specific set of content, arranged in a certain way and played together as a package.

There are also times when you want to take one piece of content and throw it into the mix and let the system figure out where to place that message into the existing list of communications.

This is why we created a system that can do both. We call it the Hub.

You can create and schedule playlist if you wanted to but each playlist gets auto scheduled into the player.

Which means if there is other playlist overlapping your schedule time period, the system will take care of scheduling them together.

This means that you can go with purely playlist based schedule, purely automated scheduling or combine them both when you need to.

Just another handy innovation from the team at L Squared. Contact us to learn more.

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