Getting to grips with the metrics of digital signage

Brent Nacu directs the Sales efforts at L Squared and strongly believes that when people get a good feel for the metrics of digital signage it then becomes an easy ROI case to invest.

Brent explains: “The great thing about what we do is that, unlike lots of other marketing and communication options out there, the ROI of our channel is undeniable!


“We have many, many clients who have increased productivity in the workforce, grown levels of engagement with customers and made additional revenue.

Our super sales lead adds: “We actually specialise in particular sectors and recognise that digital signage is not right for all business types but we can point to ever-increasing numbers of sectors where it can be a big revenue-generator.

Digital Signage for Hospitality

Digital Signage: Hotels, casinos and other companies within hospitality can’t afford to stand still

Hospitality is one of the most competitive sectors out there so your communications and operations teams need to offer better ways to improve the guest experience, grow customer loyalty and increase revenues.

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L Squared has lots of experience helping businesses within Hospitality provide the best possible guest experience while cross-selling amenities and highlighting promotions to make extra revenue:

  • Use wayfinding for guest navigation and directions to gift shops, spas, restaurants and casino  floors.
  • Place your digital signage where it is most convenient for your guests – in lobbies, elevator banks, conference centers, restaurants, gyms and casino  floors.
  • Create a virtual concierge to display information and enable guests to see local events that match their interests.
  • Create extra revenue streams from visibility of other hotel services
  • Create a first-rate guest experience including wayfinding, in-room TV messaging and interactive kiosk information on events and attractions.
  • Deliver a modern hotel appeal with visual art and engaging communication.


Cure Your Ills With Digital Signage

Digital Signage For Healthcare

Hospitals can be confusing for visitors who don’t know where to go or how to find the information they need. Healthcare facilities are challenged with disseminating information to employees that work non-standard hours, as well as entertaining and reassuring visitors that spend long hours in waiting areas and patient rooms.


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L Squared Digital Network’s Healthcare solutions tackles these challenges with dynamic, engaging and informative visual displays:

  1. Use wayfinding kiosks to help visitors navigate different areas of the facility.
  2. Let reassuring videos and messages comfort, entertain and inform your patients and visitors.
  3. Improve medical staff knowledge of hospital events and policies, reducing or eliminating the cost of paper signs.

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Meet The Team: Gajendra Ratnavel, CEO

Gajendra Ratnavel is CEO of L Squared Digital Signage, global digital signage provider of multi-channel interactive marketing products for small to enterprise level businesses.

With a HQ in Toronto, Canada, L Squared offers an end-to-end service for businesses looking to adopt digital signage to promote, engage or educate colleagues and/or end users.

The company was founded by Gajendra in 2005 as a boutique marketing display agency. In the years since, it has grown to become a global player in multi-channel interactive marketing products for several verticals.

Gajendra is a Computer Engineering graduate at University of Waterloo. His expertise includes business strategy, end-to-end technical  project management, computer science, digital networks, display advertising, and software development.

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Meet the team: Brent Nacu, Business Development Leader



Brent Nacu is L Squared Digital Signage’s main man for all things Sales and Marketing!

A driven, strategic, customer-focused and all-round nice guy, Brent leads the company’s drive for new business, partnerships and brand awareness. Having joined the business on the ground floor, Brent has been a key leader in operational development as well as in the long term business strategy and execution of new programs. Partner and Channel development are among his key focuses, but always come second to customer relationships, which really define L Squared success.

Coming from an long history of successful Sales and Business professionals, Brent’s father Tom Nacu, is the National Program Director at York University’s Schulich Executive Education Centre, his cousin Thomas Nacu is a leading home products entrepreneur in Niagara Region and his Grandfather and Uncles have been owner-operators of leading heavy truck mechanic operation centres throughout South-West Ontario for over 50 years.

Brent is passionate about making life fun, and getting the most out of the people around him. He inspires thought leadership and critical thinking that elevates and engage others. Brent likes to support numerous community organizations in his spare time including the Danielle Nacu Scholarship Fund, Share the Road, MDI Success for Men, and the Ontario Safe Cycling Coalition.


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Interested in digital signage for your business? Looking to grow your partnership network? Looking for new opportunities? Contact Brent:



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