Webcast: How To Add Digital Signage To Your Marketing Strategy

Join us on March 31 at 1pm for How To Add Digital Signage To Your Marketing Mix.
This special complimentary webcast considers new ways Marketers are adding and using digital signage to achieve higher market penetration.
Why is Digital Signage effective as a Marketing and Communications channel? 
Dynamic screen messaging is proven to attract attention easier and for much longer than more traditional and static forms of marketing like print, email or even social media. That’s why TV/film commercials and sites like YouTube are successful!

Our digital screen CMS gives Marketing and Communications departments the tools to connect multiple displays to dynamic content, mobile devices and social media adverts.

Every business is different, of course. Some use Digital Signage to sell, some use it to engage and others set goals around information and increasing efficiencies.

We work closely with Marketing department to help them get the most from Digital Signage Communications based on their specific needs and objectives.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are giving companies innovative, metric-driven ways to present content, ease workloads and increase sales.
For more information on our products, pricing, and customer support, or to schedule a dedicated demo please contact us or call: 877 344 1548.

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