Digital Signage Marketing: Get more from your content strategy in 2015

Every business is different. Some use Digital Signage to sell, some use it to  engage and others set goals around information and increasing efficiencies.

This means that the marketing strategy for the coming year for each sector and business will be different but a there are three general principles we at L Squared think are worth sticking to in order to get the most from your content strategy in 2015.

1. Its more than just asking for the sale

In almost every business you need to develop a relationship with your audience.

By using digital signs to offer content about your services staff, and business brand you are able to build affinity. This brand recognition and trust is vital to laying the foundations of a sale or other call to action.

2. Set goals

Using Digital Signage is just like adopting any other marketing and communications channel. That includes setting measurable and clear objectives. Understanding and agreeing goals and KPIs will help with the creation of the design and the setup. You’ll have a guiding goal that really makes the decisions for you.

3. Keep it fresh

Just like SEO for your website, if you have repeat customers, you’ll want to keep them attracted and engaged with new content. You don’t want someone visiting three, four, or more times and seeing the same content each time. Create a digital display calendar which connects to ecommerce, landing pages and other sales efforts to maximise conversions.

If you’re considering digital signage for your company please feel free to get in touch.

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