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Digital Signage Marketing Tips

The marketing strategy for every business is be different. Nevertheless, your digital signage marketing strategy should adhere to a few key principles:

Firstly, understand that the sales process with a new visitor takes longer than just asking for the sale. Depending on your business, you likely need to foster a relationship with a new customer. Think about doing so with your digital display. Offer some content about the service, about your business, and even about the people working at your business. That approach helps build affinity, before you ask for the sale with a call to action.


Second, remember to set goals for your display. Just putting up some information about your business and including some social media icons is easy. But you need to go into the process with an idea of what you want the display to accomplish. Knowing that will help with the creation of the design and the setup. You’ll have a guiding goal that really makes the decisions for you.

Finally, you have to keep the display fresh. If you have repeat customers, you’ll want to keep them interested with new content. You don’t want someone visiting three, four, or more times and seeing the same content each time. Even if you have new customers visiting all the time you’ll want to add fresh content to keep up with the changes at your business.

Build affinity, keep things fresh, and adhere to your goals. Those are the three key marketing principles for digital signage.

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Interview with Brent Nacu: The Links Between HR and Digital Signage

As we enter the second day of the annual HRPA Conference and Trade Show,Brent Nacu, our Director of Business Development, tells the Editor of The HR Gazette why he’s attending the event and his hopes for the coming year.

Brent gives his insights into the growing adoption of new internal communications screen media technologies amongst HR professionals and why Digital Signage is here to stay.


Editor: Tell us a bit about your career history and how you first came to learn about the HRPA Conference

Brent Nacu: The HRPA Conference is a national leader inside of the Canadian HR Industry. I personally have been in Management for over 10 years and traditionally viewed HR from the outside. It has really been in the last few years as that our company has seen a dramatic shift in who the end users of our Digital Signage programs became. We developed a strong understanding of the relationship between HR and Corporate Communications. I would sit with and train HR Directors, Managers and Coordinators on using Digital Signage and hear the challenges and real world problems they faced in communications. Problems off the top were how to engage Mutli-site communications, Multi -lingual barriers, how to reach shift and hourly-paid employees effectively and maybe the biggest… How an HR Coordinator or Maanager can save 100 hours a year in labour using Digital Signage over more traditional print, walk, send, post strategies.

These experiences and long hours of insight impacted our views and influenced development to creat a user experience that was as easy as possible. The key was about getting our head into the HR space and thinking like an HR professional. I ended up taking HR courses at University and sitting in on our own internal programs. It has produced a well -rounded connection, not only for myself, but for our company in accessing and understanding the best way to partner Communication Technology and HR Strategies.

Editor: What do you want people to know about you? About L Squared? 

Brent Nacu: L Squared has become an industry leader in the Digital Signage space worldwide by creating a platform that was easy to use (drag and drop), reliable and super cost effective. This combination is an innovation in our industry. The innovation has little to do with just having and hiring bright staff, although we have a lot. The innovation was the result of spending time with our customers and listening to their issues and what “would be great to have.” The results were consistent innovation and a trust level with every customer we have. You can’t buy that. It is an internal culture you grow from self actualization, or team actualization in this case that related to our purpose as a business and “Why we do what we do.”

Editor: Tell us 3 benefits of attending the HRPA Conference 

Brent Nacu: Let’s see. The first is Industry Insights – learning the combination of challenges, success and innovations that are shifting HR into an Employee Success Centric unit globally. Second is Networking,  the opportunity to meet and connect with companies of all sizes. Its great hearing the insights that a company of 350 employees has versus 35,000. The programs that work, scale and grow. And also the programs and headaches that didn’t work so well.  Thirdly I’d say Business Development – It’s all about the people!  Relationships 101  if you will. But there is a lot of cross-functional developments taking place in the world of software and conference brings out players at every turn.

Editor: What speakers will you be looking to hear from at the conference and why?

Brent Nacu: Nicole Bendaly. Scott Stratte  and  Mike Walsh for starters. They all bring a different perspective to the table. Stratten’s session on culture is the future , Mike Walsh is going to discuss the Cloud and how software will continue revolutionizing HR .Of course Nicole Bendaly. She is both an academic and a CEO. Hard ot find that kind of experience packaged together.

Editor: How useful is the trade show for developing new relationships?

Brent Nacu: The trade-show and sessions are the “meat and potatoes”  of the experience. Although I prefer some vegetables in most of my meals. I get to browse the vendors, meet new faces and get a pulse for the direction we’re headed. The trade show is a must see. It would be like attending the auto show and skipping the cars but listening to panelists. Plus, there is a  lot of chocolate and free pens.

Editor: What’s the connection between Digital Signage and HR?

Brent Nacu: Two words: Centralized Communications. Over the next 10 years, every HR department in the world with over 75 employees will have at least one screen centrally located to push and engage staff with the latest and greatest. The days of posting job opps, anniversaries, birthdays and special announcements on paper is nearly gone. Digital Signage is the communication medium that all HR will drive through on a centralized level. And it can be managed from your desk, phone or house.

Editor: Why do you believe 2015 will be a good year to incorporate Digital Signage into one’s HR strategy?

Brent Nacu: 2015 is a banner year where software and hardware prices are the most affordable ever. You can install and run a brand new screen in your lunchroom or front entrance for around $5.00 to $6.00 per day.  That’s .25 Cents / hour to communicate instantly with staff anything required. That can include Emergency Messaging as well in some cases. The time and energy savings to HR create a very attractive  ROI.

Editor: Why don’t more HR pros already know about using Digital Signage for internal communications? 

Brent Nacu: Simple Answer: HR doesn’t buy or procure turnkey solutions, they let procurement or IT. So even though HR wins, they might not be comfortable with or care about the size of the screen, how the network connects or how it is hosted. The key is not focusing on the brief technical details, but the operation and results. In fact my last training was a few days ago and the HR team outweighed the IT in the room 2:1. HR is getting it. The problem was our industry didn’t target or create the avenue for HR to become the champion. That is changing. Particularly in Corporate settings and Manufacturing.

Editor: What are some of the most common problems Digital Signage solves for HR and can you offer any client examples?

Brent Nacu: Most common solutions Digital Signage address include: immediate and remote uploading of materials. Instead of emailing another location and having multiple HR staff or managers go around posting materials, do it all from one place, at one time. The energy savings in terms of HR time is invaluable.

The next HR Problem it solves is that Digital Signage stores huge amounts of your content. Instead of reproducing a holiday wishes poster, simply re-use the 2014 version for 2015. This works for safety reminders and content that revolves in the HR loop.

Third, and maybe the biggest value is the scheduling ability. Forget taking down posters, forgetting timelines, etc… Digital Signage lets you “Set it and Forget It!” Put up a Word Doc Job Posting fora Regional Sales Manager. Set it for 2 weeks of run time and then it will automatically come down for the date you set. It doesn’t get any better for HR.


About Brent Nacu:

BRENT_NACUBrent Nacu is a driven, strategic, customer-focused professional with a focus towards developing internal communications strategies within HR teams. Having joined L Squared Digital Signage on the ground floor, Brent has been a key leader in operational development as well as in the long term business strategy and execution of new programs. Recent work with the Ontario HR community includes Brent’s very popular session at last Fall’s Social HR Camp in Toronto.

Brent is passionate about making life fun, and getting the most out of the people around him. He inspires thought leadership and critical thinking that elevates and engage others. When he’s not studying for his HRPA accreditations, Brent likes to use his spare time to support numerous community organizations including the Danielle Nacu Scholarship Fund, Share the Road, MDI, and the Ontario Safe Cycling Coalition.

First published in The HR Gazette

L Squared and SocialHRCamp Supporting Free The Children

SocialHRCamp, partner of L Squared, has initiated an awesome project to support Free The Children, an international charity and educational partner.

The project will directly fund the building of a school in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Working in the communities of Mondaña and Bellavista, both in the Napo province, Free The Children is developing sustainable community partnerships to ensure children have safe and wonderful places to learn and so that communities are empowered to change their circumstances and lift themselves out of poverty.

“Free The Children is deeply appreciative of SocialHRCamp’s initiative to raise funds and awareness in support of building a school in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Their support will be instrumental in providing students with access to an education as well as a safe and wonderful space to learn. Free The Children believes that education is the foundation, which can break the cycle of poverty. With SocialHRCamp’s investment, we will be able to provide instrumental opportunities for elementary school students in these communities, creating a brighter hope for their future.”

Shellbie Wilson — Senior Manager Donor Engagement, Free The Children

Free The Children Ecuador60% of upcoming SocialHRCamp ticket revenue in Toronto (November 13, 2014) and Vancouver (tbd) will be donated to the project. SocialHRCamp will also initiate a campaign where the public can donate to the cause. Further, SocialHRCamp will work with crowd-funding platform and SocialHRCamp sponsor to launch and run this initiative. Stay tuned for the launch of these platforms.

Part of SocialHRCamp Founder, Jeff Waldman’s original vision for the Camp was to integrate a philanthropic component. Free The Children was a logical choice for Waldman, a father of 3 young boys living in North Toronto where education is a core value and easily accessible to Canadian children. Philanthropy has long been a major part of the Human Resources community, says Waldman. This project will increase the level of engagement with the broader HR Community, and continue the work to build the skills of Practitioners in social media and emerging HR/Recruitment technology adoption.


For more information about the fantastic work that Free The Children is currently doing in the Amazon click on the image below for up-to-date stories from the communities they work in. Updates are made every 4-6 weeks.

Free The Children Ecuador Amazon

L Squared Heading to DSrupted Event

We’ve recently been getting to know Digital Signage guru Dave Haynes through co-promotion of his upcoming DSrupted event in Toronto and we’re loving rubbing shoulders with the industry heavy weights.

That’s why Gajendra Ratnavel, Brent Nacu and others from L Squared will be attending DSrupted on mass – to learn about latest industry developments and to hob-knob with the who’s who of Digital Signage!


Here’s the star-studded agenda:

8:30 – 9:00: Conference Check-In

9:00 – 10:00: Cloud Technologies: Vidya NagarajanProduct Manager, Chrome Devices For Enterprise, Google

Based in San Francisco, Vidya has 14 years of experience in cloud computing, spanning Product Management, Operations, Technical Account Management, Customer and Partner Program Management in the Enterprise space.

She’s currently a Product Manager focusing on building Chrome devices for the Enterprise, including digital signage. She previously worked on Google Apps and in the Business Intelligence (BI) realm.

10 to 10:30: Break/TELUS Innovation Lab Tour (optional)

10:30 – 11:30: How HTML5 Will Drive Explosive Growth in Digital Signage: Paul Vincent, CEO, Neuranet

HTML5 and surrounding technologies are going to help drive explosive growth in the digital signage industry over the next few years. Due to its flexibility/adaptability it will also help drive significant innovation, in areas such as touch or proximity-based experiences.

Paul Vincent is the CEO and Founder of Neuranet, which builds Flexitive, a web publishing platform that not only has the most responsive web user interface for content – but also for advertising creative. Based on hybrid HTML5 & native code, it creates the most consistent and intuitive user experience across smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and the desktop. Paul’s career includes stints running digital operations at PostMedia, and in management roles with Microsoft in Canada and in his native New Zealand.

11:30 – 12:30: Beacon Technology and IOT: Digital Engagement in PlaceDoug Thompson, CEO, dot3

When Apple embraced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons last year, developers finally had a proximity-based technology that works across all the major phone platforms. It unleashed a wave of innovation – from amusement parks to museums, music events to amusement parks, retailers to your local church or library.

The simplicity of BLE technology has laid the groundwork for increasingly immersive and personalized digital engagements in place. It represents a significant wave of connected technologies that will change our perceptions of physical space. Whether combining context-aware phones with digital signage, beacons that can detect the temperature with pop-up social networks, or mesh networking with precision targeting of coupons – the future will see both new challenges and new opportunities for how we can create value and engagement with consumers.

Doug will provide insight into what Bluetooth LE beacons are and how they work, their limitations and challenges, and the lessons learned in how to deploy them effectively. He’ll outline emerging technology trends related to beacons including fleet management, cloud services, power conservation, beacon security, and integration with other technologies (including ARM processors and digital signage). 

He’ll outline five major implications for retail, business and brands as he projects a future in which “there is no offline” – including implications for privacy, architecture and interior design, and storytelling. 

12:30 – 1:30: Lunch/Break/TELUS Innovation Lab Tour (optional)

1:30 – 2:30: Responsive Environments: Engaging Your Audience with Narrative Spaces, Matt Arnold, Lead Integration Engineer, Second Story

For years, Second Story, part of SapientNitro, has been creating installations that play out in the realm where the physical and digital worlds meet. Our approach is to find the narrative within content and spaces that allows us to build experiences rather than presentations. Through these narrative arcs and the balance of technology and design, we create smarter media that responds to audiences and envelops them in story, making the content feel more relevant and the experience feel more engaging and immersive. Matt Arnold’s talk will provide unique insights and examples of methods that will captivate your audience in a meaningful and participatory way at the crossroads of technology and place.

2:30 – 3:00: Coffee Break

3:00 – 4:00: The Programmable World, Matthew Milan, CEO, Normative

Normative is a design firm focused helping organizations develop strategies, products and services for a networked world. Milan co-founded the company, and built a world-class design practice focusing on leading-edge interaction design and strategy, service design and mobile systems.

Milan is often asked to speak in frank, engaging terms about technology and its possibilities.

 4:00 – 4:45: Expert Panel – Moderated Q&A With All Speakers

4:45 – 5:00: Wrap-Up & Summary

Haven’t got your ticket yet? Its not to late. You can register here:



Webinar Using New Digital Marketing Channels to Engage and Sell

Companies are always looking for new, effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers and influence them at point of purchase. 2014 has seen a rise in prominence of “new systems of engagement” such as Digital Signage. These systems help organizations to attract, engage and interact with customers and stakeholders.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn about new tools and trends to helpyour organisation create a relationship with existing and potential customers by delivering an engaging real-time brand experience.

1pm EST,Wednesday, September 10

This is your opportunity to learn how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are providing companies with innovative, metric-driven ways to present content and increase sales.


  1. Engage customers with real time, interactive digital displays
  2. Learn about tools to help your company offer unique, segmented content
  3. Learn how you can customise and automate your corporate branding and promotions
  4. Connect your sales and marketing channels with real time digital signage advertising
  5. Gain a greater market share with cost effective ways to engage in high-traffic environments


You will walk away with ideas to enhance your company’s marketing communications and increase sales!

Webinar: Using New Digital Technologies to Improve Corporate Communications

Historically, organizations have focused their technology investment around “systems of record,” such as ERP, BI, and CRM to handle foundational business requirements. Today, this investment is moving towards “systems of engagement” with customers, employees and partners.

These systems help organizations to attract, engage and interact with employees and customers. You will walk away with a concrete plan to begin to strengthen your company’s corporate communications right away!

1pm EDT, Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

This L Squared webinar is your opportunity to ensure that everyone at your company understands how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are providing companies with powerful new ways to present content and drive results:

  • Engage and educate employees with real time, interactive digital displays
  • Improve corporate communications
  • Enhance employee morale
  • Promote health and safety initiatives
  • Provide an effective system for emergency messaging
  • Entertain clients waiting in your lobby


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