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Digital signage solutions and information for the Hospitality sector

Webinar: Using Digital Posters And Screens To Engage And Sell

Discover innovative opportunities within digital screen media to engage with new and existing customers.

Companies are always looking for new, effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers and influence them at point of purchase.

Understand the latest technologies and processes available to help your company create a better brand in targeted and effective ways.



Digital Signage Networks are now offering organizations new and affordable ways attract, engage and interact with customers and stakeholders like never before.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn about new tools and trends to help your organisation create a relationship with existing and potential customers by delivering an engaging real-time brand experience.

Jerry Remys Sports Bar and Grill Boston

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This is your opportunity to learn how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are providing companies with innovative, metric-driven ways to present content and increase sales.

  1. Engage customers with real time, interactive digital displays
  2. Learn about tools to help your company offer unique, segmented content
  3. Learn how you can customise and automate your corporate branding and promotions
  4. Connect your sales and marketing channels with real time digital signage advertising
  5. Gain a greater market share with cost effective ways to engage in high-traffic environments

You will walk away with ideas to enhance your company’s marketing communications and increase sales!

Digital Signage in the Hotel Industry

L Squared works with lots of hotels across North America helping them move way beyond the old days of traditional “hotel channels” on in-room TVs towards powerful indoor digital engagement.

Digital Signage 2014 – Branding and Sales While You Wait

Displays in lobbies, restaurants and hallways is a  proven way to increase sales and offer key information to guests and staff in real time.

In 2014 information and engagement is making its way out of the rooms, through increasing adoption of flatscreen monitors and digital signage networks. Important messaging and branding opportunities are being leveraged including hotel amenities, in-house and near by restaurants, plus real time announcements and news.

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We have worked with various large hotels and conference centers and help our customers find easy ways to keep constantly changing conference and expo information up to date. Our signs also are highly effective as wayfinding tools to offer guidance to large groups of people in the right direction.




Hospitality Case Study: Hilton Suites Toronto

Hilton Suites is a 500 room, four star hotel in the heart of Markham, Ontario. It is the largest  hotel in the area and host to some of the biggest events in the city. The management team at the hotel came to L Squared to find new ways to make time savings and engage with an international audience.



The Challenge

During check-in and checkout times, the line up at the concierge desk can be long leading to poor customer experience. In addition, Markham being a very multi-cultural city, has a lot of  guests that speak foreign languages staying at the hotel.

The Solution

L Squared developed a multi-lingual electronic concierge system using a large format touch screen kiosk unit. The interactive digital signage provides customers with information on the hotel and its amenities, as well as attractions, events and dining options in the surrounding area. The kiosk application is integrated with Google maps to provide real time direction and traffic and weather information as well. In addition to providing concierge functionality, the touch screen kiosk doubled as a digital signage screen that the hotel used to promote its merchandise when the system was not being  used. Through adopting our solutions, Hilton Suites Toronto, Markham was able to:

  1. Reduce wait times at the concierge
  2. Provide customers with information in their native language
  3. Increase awareness of their products and services

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Events and Conferences Case Study: International Centre, Toronto

L Squared Digital Signage offers a full suite of products for events and conference venues.

Our Digital Signage systems are perfect for event venues that want a robust, easy to use platform.

The International Centre is one of Canada’s largest privately own convention centres, with a total gross space of over one million square feet and is the home to some of the largest trade shows and conventions in Canada. The Centre’s management team came to L Squared to help them differentiate their business from competitive conference venues through innovative technologies.


The L Squared team offered innovative and engaging touch screen wayfinding kiosks, meeting boards and digital signage to take the Centre to the next level.


“We had to find ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. One of the ways we felt we could differentiate was to be a technology leader. The culture of the people here is the success of the international centre.” Michael Prescott, CEO.

“We wanted to retain a competitive edge and, in doing so, we really had to take a closer look at our current signage program.. Its been an absolute delight to work with the L Squared team. We needed to find a signage partner who not only had a great product and but also had the technical expertise to implement the network. The software capabilities of L Squared was a deciding factor in upgrading our technological infrastructure to enhance our clients’ experience.” Karen Wren, Marketing Manager.

“Event details can change and its important that updates can happen in real time. The L Squared solution did that for us. L Squared provided us with a single solution by integrating EBMS which save the Events Management team valuable time!” Nadena Singh, Director of Events Management. 


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Hospitality Case Study: Restaurant Chain Gets Huge ROI Through Digital Signage

Restaurant chain drives sales and creates brand equity through Digital Signage while promoting local food & beverage options for hotel guests.


Are you a manager of a restaurant or hotel? Looking for new ways to increase brand awareness and store revenues?

L Squared has the experience and technology you need to achieve your goals!

We work with restaurants, hotels, conference centres and other hospitality business to create powerful, innovative metric-focused ways to increase sales by over 1100% in just over 3 months!

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Using Digital Signage to Drive Promotions and Brand Awareness to new Audiences

A leading Canadian restaurant brand contacted L Squared to help them create powerful signage campaigns to target and attract local hotel guests and increase customer traffic into the store.

The key marketing and business objectives were:

  1. Strategy and implementation: Help the internal team understand new end-to-end digital solutions to attract and appeal to new audiences
  2. Increased sales: Powerful and proven ways to engage and convert new audiences
  3. Easy metrics: Measure return in promotions from hotel visitors over a specific period


The Project

The client  has over 35 locations located across Canada with annual revenues in excess of $100 million.  They serve lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch to a variety of guests who enjoy their sophisticated, yet comfortable dinning atmosphere.

The restaurant management team at wanted to gain more customers for Grill and Bar locations with a digital marketing and advertising solution which could offer special promotions to targeted hotel guests and visitors.

The L Squared Networks digital signage solution was selected as an effective means of targeting the specific traffic in a localized environment and communicating the brand message and promotional offering.

The Solution

L Squared provided touch screen displays to offer promotions, directions and menus of the restaurant to help potential patrons make informed decisions in real time.

LED HD screens were strategically located in the lobby of the adjacent hotel at eye-level, to inform and persuade potential hotel traffic of a nearby restaurant location and its unique  brunch, lunch and dinner promotions available to hotel guests.

The Results

The value proposition of a multi-lingual, high resolution, eye-level interactive digital display attracted the customer and allowed them interaction with hotel guests, visitors and lobby traffic who were unaware of their brand and offerings.

The results of the digital signage application were increased and proven revenues from the hotel traffic. The ROI through this program was over 1100%!

The on-screen promotions exceeded key objectives by engaging and converting potential customers with a monetized discount specific to the overnight guests of the hotel.

The restaurant chain tracked the results of the unique offer and reported the results over a period of 110 days.


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Digital Signage for Hospitality

Digital Signage: Hotels, casinos and other companies within hospitality can’t afford to stand still

Hospitality is one of the most competitive sectors out there so your communications and operations teams need to offer better ways to improve the guest experience, grow customer loyalty and increase revenues.

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L Squared has lots of experience helping businesses within Hospitality provide the best possible guest experience while cross-selling amenities and highlighting promotions to make extra revenue:

  • Use wayfinding for guest navigation and directions to gift shops, spas, restaurants and casino  floors.
  • Place your digital signage where it is most convenient for your guests – in lobbies, elevator banks, conference centers, restaurants, gyms and casino  floors.
  • Create a virtual concierge to display information and enable guests to see local events that match their interests.
  • Create extra revenue streams from visibility of other hotel services
  • Create a first-rate guest experience including wayfinding, in-room TV messaging and interactive kiosk information on events and attractions.
  • Deliver a modern hotel appeal with visual art and engaging communication.