AV Technologies – What Options are Available?

Brackets, mounts, and stands are products used by the whole channel. They may not be the most exciting pieces of kit out there, but does this doesn’t mean there’s no innovation in the sector.

Display stands and support accessories should, and can, be stylish, virtually unseen, easy to install, offer high functionality and cost effective

Our CEO, Gajendra Ratnavel suggests: “Value for money is important as you don’t expect the mounting systems to cost more than about 10 per cent of a new AV installation. AV and related technologies and accessories are cheaper than ever so companies no longer need to choose between style versus substance when it comes to installations and Digital Signage”.

Gajendra continues: “Style-wise, AV mounts have to look good and are not simply a matter of scaffold and glass,” he remarks. “Clients want a cable managed system with safe, integrated technology which is scalable from a video endpoint to a fully embedded room control system.”

Uniformity, serviceability and good alignment are essential in bracket design for video walls. There are a lot of truly affordable video brackets in the market.

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The AV market is highly diverse and L Squared strives to offer systems across the board with a ‘best/better/good strategy’ which offers something for all tastes and budgets. The ‘best’ product offers the most functionality and is quickest and easiest to install. ‘Better’ products have a lower spec at a more competitive price. While ‘good’ entry-level products are the most competitively priced, with a lower spec and take longer to install.”

Easy installation is a big factor when selecting AV mounts.

Money spent upfront on a mount will deliver significant savings in installation challenge and time. Cheap mounts take longer to fit out and the ultimate cost could be far higher than investing in a decent solution at the outset. The take away here though is that even the cheaper solutions are far, far better than even two or three years ago and, as budgets increase companies and expand on their AV and Digital Signage infrastructure.

The boom in video conferencing and collaboration has also spurred demand for stands, trollies and wall mounts which provide good cable management and are virtually invisible. “Screen content is what’s important in the office or collaboration space. So we design systems which are aesthetically pleasing and show off content.

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