We have a long and proud history providing healthcare, medical and hospital signage software/hardware for various branding and practical applications.

We’ve done it all in healthcare – wayfinding, kiosks, screens – oh and we’ve even be part of award-winning projects! 

Healthcare providers today are increasingly expected to promote wellness and key brand messages, not just heal the sick and many face daunting budget challenges.

L Squared Digital Signage solutions helps patients and providers in the following ways:

  • Sharing important information about registration, financial assistance and privacy
  • Guiding visitors through large hospitals using wayfinding functions
  • Shortens perceived wait times while curbing patient anxiety through entertainment
  • Conveying wellness tips to help patients improve their health
  • Cross-promoting higher-profit, optional services that offset vital, but money-losing services
  • Informing employees about training details, safety issues and treatment protocols

What’s more Digital Signage in Hospitals, at Doctors Surgeries and alike can actually generate extra income through the sale of appropriate advertising. Digital Signage can basically pay for itself and then some!

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