Corporate Communications

Engaging with Employees and Growing Your Employer Brand

Are you able to break through the clutter and deliver important information to your employees?

We believe that effective communication is vital to a company’s success. But with employees spread across multiple sites, often away from computers and phones, it’s tough to relay important messages.

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A digital display network can help your company:

  • Increase employee engagement, morale and participation in company initiatives
  • Break through clutter and email overload with visually engaging digital displays
  • Place displays where in high traffic areas such as hallways, elevators, cafeterias, lobbies, even the manufacturing line
  • Tailor each screen with information specific to its audience
  • Reduce workplace accidents and enhance emergency preparedness
  • Offer messages that reinforce brand standards and introduce products or processes
  • Create automated image and text based campaigns – with triggers based on location, time or department
  • Assign control rights so displays can be controlled and updated from the home office, a department or multiple locations
  • Display employee of the month, awards, productivity achievements and goals in real time
  • Offer wayfinding, virtual maps and other navigational tools
  • Avoid old hassles with conference room scheduling

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