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Mounting Options

Mounting Options

When it comes to mounting the LCD in our environment there are three main categories. Wall mounts, Ceiling mounts and Floor mounts. Whatever mounting options you end up selecting, you should ensure that it and the location you are mounting in meets the LCD screen manufacturer’s warranty policy. Some manufacturers require certain amount of space around the unit and behind to allow for sufficient airflow to keep the LCD unit cool.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts come in various types and they are the most popular and lowest cost mounting option.

Sub-category in wall mounts are: Slim, Standard, Articulating or In-wall

Slim Wall Mounts: These are mounts that are designed to mount closest to the wall as possible. In most cases they do not provide any security features and are seldom used in commercial environments. They also do not provide very much space behind the screen to mount any additional hardware such as the media player. There are ways to overcome this if you require a screen mounted say in a waiting area where the aesthetics are very important.

Standard Wall Mounts: These are the bread and butter mounts of the Digital Signage industry. They offer great value and functionality. There are two varieties, ones that tilt and ones that do not. Tilt versions protrude from the wall slightly more than non-tilt versions. This is especially important if you are trying to meet disability requirements which is typically 4” from the wall but may vary in your region.

Articulating Wall Mounts: Articulating wall mounts have an arm attached to them that allows the screen mounted to it to come out from the wall and turn in much greater flexibility than other wall mounting option. These are used most often in areas where the mounting surface is not aligned to the direction the LCD will be facing such as the corner of the room.

In-Wall Mounts: These are mounts that place the LCD screen inside the wall for a flush mount look. These are less common in commercial environments but may be useful in showrooms or corporate lobbies where aesthetic is important. When using In-Wall mounts, you should ensure there is adequate space for airflow so that the LCD unit does not over heat.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts are used when the LCD screen is required to be suspended from the ceiling. This is useful in situations where you are placing a screen in the middle of a room or when you want to place a screen to face a window for audience outside your place of business. These mounts are often much more expensive and require more labour to install.

Floor Mounts / Stands

Floor mounts, or floor stands are LCD mounting option that allows the user to place an LCD screen anywhere on the floor. These are useful for situations where you would need to move the unit around, cannot reach the ceiling and there is no wall where you need the LCD screen. Floor stands come in wide variety of shapes and sizes, be sure to select one that suites your screen and environment. Some stands are much sturdier than others. There is a risk that the stand may fall over if they are not bolted to the floor.


Slim Wall Mounts

Standard Wall Mounts

Articulating Wall Mounts

In-Wall Mounts

Ceiling Mounts

Floor Mounts / Stands