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How Local Businesses Can Use Digital Signage

People are always going to the grocery store, the bank, and many other places located right next to their homes, offices, and recreational areas. As those people visit their local businesses, they are often faced with questions and decisions, and they’re curious about offerings.

Digital signage can give your local customers what they’re looking for as they shop and look for something that will make their day better. A digital display can act as a salesperson, or it can simply be entertainment for people waiting their turn in line.

If you own a local business, the ways you can use digital signage to accomplish your goals are many. The displays are flexible, giving you the ability to control what is displayed, when it’s displayed, and how it’s displayed to your customers.

As you prepare to make the decision about digital signage for your company, here are the basics for getting started with digital displays, including some tips on how to effectively use your new display to sell to the people walking through your door.


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Screens Give NYC Subway Riders Power To Shop For Holiday Gifts While At Stations

Subway riders can shop for holiday gifts inside New York City subways via an interactive experience on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s On The Go digital signage kiosks, the MTA announced.

Featuring thousands of curated products, the holiday gift guide sorts in real-time based on popularity across the nearly 100 kiosks citywide, which are operated by technology and media company Intersection.

The On The Go shopping experience is intended to enable millions of daily riders to seamlessly browse, shop and purchase products on the kiosk display and push selected products to their phones via text message or email to complete the purchase. More than half of holiday shoppers plan to shop on their smartphones throughout the day while walking or commuting, and more than 40 percent are likely to use their phones to pay for products, according to a recent Google shopper survey.


Now in its second year, the holiday shopping experience is expected to reach more than 2.2 million riders per day in 15 stations, including major hubs such as Grand Central Station, Union Square and Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center.

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We’re big fans of the Digital Signage industry’s flagship publication, Digital Signage Today, and always keen to help spread the word when they share excellent content.


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