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Your digital signage can include various elements, but the trick is to not overwhelm your visitors with too many options. You want them to be able to focus on something that catches their eye—some intriguing content that makes them stop and pay attention.

Once you have the person’s attention, your digital display should offer interesting content—some helpful information that answers questions and improves their life—something related to what your business already does.

After you’ve pulled the person this far along in the design, it’s time for the call to action. There should almost always be something you want your visitors to do once they are looking at your display. A good contrasting color should be used to highlight the call to action. You might ask them to follow you on Facebook or maybe even make a purchase.

In the following example, the colors of the calls to action really stand out. It’s a beautiful display that’s not too overwhelming. The information is straightforward, the design is pleasant, and the calls to action are easy to see.


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