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How Local Businesses Can Use Digital Signage

People are always going to the grocery store, the bank, and many other places located right next to their homes, offices, and recreational areas. As those people visit their local businesses, they are often faced with questions and decisions, and they’re curious about offerings.

Digital signage can give your local customers what they’re looking for as they shop and look for something that will make their day better. A digital display can act as a salesperson, or it can simply be entertainment for people waiting their turn in line.

If you own a local business, the ways you can use digital signage to accomplish your goals are many. The displays are flexible, giving you the ability to control what is displayed, when it’s displayed, and how it’s displayed to your customers.

As you prepare to make the decision about digital signage for your company, here are the basics for getting started with digital displays, including some tips on how to effectively use your new display to sell to the people walking through your door.


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2015 Holiday Season: How Digital Signs Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Here’s a powerful stat.. consumers in Canada and The US overestimate how long they have been waiting in a line by 36 percent! And digital signage reduces perceived wait times at the checkout by as much as 35 percent!

The power of digital displays this holiday season, is therefore, big! So big that it offers a way not only to fill shoppers’ time in line but can also influence their decisions at point of purchase.

Digital signage is a key enabler to reducing perceived wait times, which is especially needed over the holiday season. Depending on your digital signage installation, you can use it to entertain your consumers, simply distract them and even educate them.

Plus, digital signage near the checkout has been proven to increase sales, with 7 out of 10 consumers upsold by a digital screen that caught their eye.

Read the full article at digitalsignagetoday.


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Digital Signage In Full Swing Over The Holidays

Digital signage and the holiday retail workforce surge

We are now in the most scrutinized period of retail each year. The “holiday season” is upon us. Just a few years ago this period didn’t start until “Black Friday,” but in today’s world it starts the minute you put away the spider webs and pumpkins of Halloween. And for retail HR and training teams it actually starts as early as September.

That’s when they start hiring the extra staff to handle the holiday business rush. Large retailers (those with more than 100,000 employees) will surge as much as 40 to 50 percent in the hourly associates they employee during the holidays. This is good for the economy and helps a lot of people. But it is full of challenges too.

Think about your own workplace: When a new person starts, they have to learn the systems you use, the practices and policies you follow and where the washroom is located. What if you suddenly had 50 new co-workers all starting the same day?

In addition to the volume of new hires, the typical large retail location has more than 100,000 different product SKUs. Training on policies, systems and the product mix are all important to associate success. This is what our friends in retail are faced with each year.

Most retailers have a conundrum to face — they could give the new hire a large binder of information and direct them to read the information. But in the hourly workforce, you need to pay people when they are doing work-related activities. It is difficult and not practical to send people home to learn and have to track hours. So new hires need to undertake this learning in the store. And forget about giving a millennial new hire a notebook to read. This is not how they learn. They learn by viewing and experiencing. You need to provide a way for these new team members to “watch their way to knowledge.”

I submit that the successful retailers will use this as an opportunity to build engagement within their entire workforce, not just the seasonal hires. The successful retailer will create a practice where new hires are given a place to view information in an “on-demand” fashion. They can take the time they need to watch and re-watch content until they feel they have achieved mastery — then go out on the show floor with a “mentor” and experience what they have learned. By giving the new hire a chance to watch some material in advance, they turn the time with a mentor into a workshop experience rather than just a knowledge transfer. The retailer can provide consistent instruction at all locations by using digital signage to play recorded training videos from the home office. Then the local mentors can work with the new hire to talk about how local variances help achieve greater success. This mentoring relationship will build engagement within the workforce and provide a greater level of energy and improved customer service.

The next time you are in your favorite retailer and one of their associates is helping you find something or helping you check out, ask them about their experience as they joined the team at that store. Judge for yourself whether they are engaged and ready to support a culture of success.

Screens Give NYC Subway Riders Power To Shop For Holiday Gifts While At Stations

Subway riders can shop for holiday gifts inside New York City subways via an interactive experience on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s On The Go digital signage kiosks, the MTA announced.

Featuring thousands of curated products, the holiday gift guide sorts in real-time based on popularity across the nearly 100 kiosks citywide, which are operated by technology and media company Intersection.

The On The Go shopping experience is intended to enable millions of daily riders to seamlessly browse, shop and purchase products on the kiosk display and push selected products to their phones via text message or email to complete the purchase. More than half of holiday shoppers plan to shop on their smartphones throughout the day while walking or commuting, and more than 40 percent are likely to use their phones to pay for products, according to a recent Google shopper survey.


Now in its second year, the holiday shopping experience is expected to reach more than 2.2 million riders per day in 15 stations, including major hubs such as Grand Central Station, Union Square and Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center.

Read the full article at digitalsignagetoday.


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Leveraging Digital Signage This Holiday Season

While the holiday season brings us cheer, it also brings a lot of stress for consumers and is without a doubt the busiest time of the year for retailers.

While consumers want to make the most of their time and shopping experience, the crowded malls and long line ups tend to get in the way of that.


The holidays are the time of year when retailers need to go the extra mile to get the attention of consumers, with hundreds of brands all competing for their attention. Consumers are more connected than ever before, as such their expectations have risen. Building an in-store experiences that takes this into account is key and digital signage is a great way to build that engaging experience.

Digital signs can be used throughout the day to interact with shoppers and educate them on products, while adding to their shopping experience. Retailers can include holiday themed videos, music, interactive games and product messaging can be incorporated into their digital signage. The great thing about digital signage is that the messages they display can easily be changed.

The content displayed on digital signage is key to building interest and engagement. A great way to make use of them is having them spread throughout the store, with messages encouraging shoppers to take advantage of any promotions or product offerings currently available.

Digital signage has proven to be a great way to reduce the perceived amount of time that shoppers spend waiting to carry out their transactions. Long checkout lines are simply unavoidable during the holiday shopping season. More often than not, it seems as though we’re spending more time waiting in line to check out, rather than actually shopping.

Shoppers like to be efficient, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Digital signage can be leveraged to entertain customers while they wait in line. If you’re kept busy while in line, it won’t seem as though you’ve there as long. Restaurants can also take advantage of this by having their holiday menu items in the spotlight through digital signage. When customers are in line thinking of what to order, they will have these items on their mind and will likely order them to indulge in the holiday treats!

As long as you have the right content to work with to create an immersive experience for customers, digital signage can go a long way. Be sure to take advantage this holiday season!




How Digital Signage makes a HUGE difference in Business

As a global Digital Signage company, we have a number of large, commercial B2B clients across the globe. For years, they have spent time and energy looking to improve results in almost any area of the business.  In recent years, the focus has been particularly around employee behaviours and communications.

It was too easy to see that Digital Screens made a tremendous impact on customers in public settings. But stakeholders needed to break new ground through internal optimization as well, no matter what industry they happended to be in. Whether it was healthcare, education or just good ole manufacturing, the questions were the same:

 How do you engage non-salaried or low-salaried staff to love their job, believe in the company vision and bring their best on a consistent basis. Tall order?

Well, modern business practices don’t think so.

HR Image

TOP 5 Reasons Digital Signage makes a Difference: 

The consistency in the conversation is not limited to any one industry sector. It exists as much in retail and education as it does in corporate and manufacturing. Here is a list of top 5 differences Digital Signage can make and comments from leading Senior Executives:

1) Control Content from any desk or computer

That means you no longer need to overstress on creating, printing and distributing company news to multiple locations on multiple occasions. HR, Operations or Marketing can manage screens from their office or from home. Not to mention it free’s up valuable walk time (up to 80 hrs. / year per person in some companies). Especially with reporting documentation.

2) Employees have moved past the Paper World

Whether we like it or not, technology is the dominating source of most of our information. Using smartphones, computers and social media has shifted how we consume information for ever. You were thinking of printing the latest production reports or benefits changes? Think Again… Digital Signage makes the access and enablement of information a Digital Experience that can traverse social, mobile, email and on-site communications.

3) Get everyone in on the Action

Digital Signage isn’t restricted to HR or just Marketing. The software can be learned and controlled by multiple departments and almost any employee. In fact, we have 100 million dollar customers where the Front Reception is the content / schedule manager. We also have customers where the Operations, HR, and Safety staff use the same program to run different screens with different messages. What you see in the Hospital Employee lounge might be be very different from the Shop Floor or the School Corridor.

4) Real Time Updates 

No matter how trendy or over-used the word “real-time” is, it doesn’t change the fact that in business, real-time information is very important. The ability to display reports from any department, process or 3rd party software (in most cases) is invaluable. Whether it’s local weather or an ERP production, error or waste report, Digital Signage is a live, connected and reliable method for the basis of all future employee communications.

5) Dynamic Content makes a difference 

No matter how you slice it, the human eye is attracted to movement and creativity. Instead of simply printing or using a USB with 40 pages of power points, let Digital Signage break up a Screen into multiple sections (frames) with content for everyone. Some staff love the news, while others are more process oriented. Sometimes, a benefit change or HR BBQ can make the world of difference. Also, it never hurts to throw in live videos, humour and internal content from your own teams.

In the end, Digital Signage is the internal corporate reflection of how you operate as a business. It’s a powerful extension of your processes and culture. Use it to be machine that drives ambition, motivates the team, and engages the challenging.

For more info on Digital Signage, see this easy to understand video below:

How Digital Signage Works

 Contact our Sales team for any demo’s, RFP’s or Proposals or suggestions on how to create a great program without breaking the bank.

Webinar: Using Digital Posters And Screens To Engage And Sell

Discover innovative opportunities within digital screen media to engage with new and existing customers.

Companies are always looking for new, effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers and influence them at point of purchase.

Understand the latest technologies and processes available to help your company create a better brand in targeted and effective ways.



Digital Signage Networks are now offering organizations new and affordable ways attract, engage and interact with customers and stakeholders like never before.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn about new tools and trends to help your organisation create a relationship with existing and potential customers by delivering an engaging real-time brand experience.

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This is your opportunity to learn how digital signs, kiosks, wayfinding and posters are providing companies with innovative, metric-driven ways to present content and increase sales.

  1. Engage customers with real time, interactive digital displays
  2. Learn about tools to help your company offer unique, segmented content
  3. Learn how you can customise and automate your corporate branding and promotions
  4. Connect your sales and marketing channels with real time digital signage advertising
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You will walk away with ideas to enhance your company’s marketing communications and increase sales!

Webinar: Digital Signage For Retail

In-store digital media is a far more cost and time-efficient alternative than traditional printed posters.

Digital Signage helps consumes make more informed decisions while enabling vendors to improve their bottom line and transform their shops into more attractive places.


Our webinar, happening 1pm ET, April 2, 2015 will show you:

  1. How digital signage can help you decrease marketing costs at the POS and POP and increase the speed of promotion;
  2. How digital signage can help your retail outlets improve sales and brand sentiment
  3. The usefulness of digital displays
  4. The major influencers of digital signage ROI- content and location
  5. Easy to use Digital Signage content management systems and how you can create engaging and targeted messages



Digital Signage Is Not Just For Christmas: 12 Tips For Life Long Customers

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go for those all-important gifts and events you’ll see fabulous festive Digital Signage!

Tanya Williams, Tradigital Strategist and Director of Digital at Digital Conversations recently offered her insights on why the holiday season is not just about short-term sales. She suggests that there’s also big long-term potential to turn customers into raving fans:

12 days of a digital signage Christmas

As the biggest sales period of the year, every retailer needs to get smarter about how they maximize sales and about turning as many one-off Christmas customers into fans for life. The holiday period is not just about the short-term sales but also the long-term potential to turn these customers into raving fans.

Consumers have more choices than ever before and have an abundance of information at their fingertips. You as a retailer now have the resources to take advantage of this to stop delivering a fragmented “anywhere experience” and to create an “only-here experience” for your customers.


With the increase in online shopping, there is virtually unlimited scope for retailers to think outside the square by embracing digital signage to engage and give consumers a “real” in-store experience.

Digital or intelligent signage uses technology to replace static posters as a means of targeting consumers in an engaging and responsive way:

  1. Use online sales to your advantage and create an in-store digital catalogue that takes elements of your website and makes them suitable for use in a store environment.
  2. Combine traditional and digital for greater results.
  3. Provide a personally relevant experience.
  4. Stand out from competitors.
  5. Maximize sales in-store and offer upsells.
  6. Attract new shoppers by having digital signage such as screens, video walls or touch projection in windows, at front of store, etc.
  7. Entertain your customers to extend dwell times.
  8. Promote new product lines.
  9. Know your audience and talk their language.
  10. Use dayparting to reflect the changing mood of the day.
  11. Send the love.
  12. Get social and interact.



Digital Marketing

The Decade of Digital: Modern Signage and Retail

Post 2000 era marketing communications has seen a roller coaster of technologies steam across channels with each one shouting for support. It all began with the Web then quickly moved into a Mobile landscape. Mobile then began interacting with other semi quirky technologies like QR, NFC and Bluetooth. The landscape kept shifting where Social Media took over consumer day to day lives reducing the impact of precious mobile apps for retailers.

So where are we left in this 15 year gun battle to control how we get messages across with the most impact…? Well, it seems the dust hasn’t quite settled and this will be a great article to continue reading in 2020! However, one technology for sure has foothold as strong as mobile, although under valued: Digital Signage. Simply put, they are large screens in communal environments that connect any audience to any other medium. Drive them to interact, go onto mobile, share socially, submit results, collect data… the list is endless.

In the past few years the Digital Signage technologies available to companies have developed at such an amazing velocity that the channel is one of the fastest growing and engaging marketing mediums.

Using digital signage in traditional spaces not only assists in increasing sales at point of purchase but it also creates cost efficiencies in your business, allowing you and your team to be more effective on a daily basis.


As we come to the start of the middle of the ‘decade of digital’ let’s take stock of this for a moment and think about a few ways digital platforms can now help you in your daily business processes. Consider, for example, a modern retail outlet in which many, many stores have thrown out the old static billboards and print posters and replaced them with digital point of sale in the form of digital screens in their store window.

There’s no denying that the cost is higher initially, but being able to completely manage and implement new campaigns with the push of a button saves a huge amount of resources on an ongoing basis.

You are saving on printing, shipping and labor costs every time you use this digital channel. Not to mention the bigger impact great screen content can have in attracting customers who would’ve walked straight past your myriad of posters.

The communicated message should also tie in with your traditional marketing, so if you have an offer being promoted on TV and radio the same offer needs to be promoted in-store so there is a direct synergy, no mixed messages and customers understand the correlation. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Now we hear you exclaim, “I cannot possibly afford to implement digital point of sale into all my stores.” Well, quite frankly, our professional marketing and communications advice would be, “You can’t afford not to!”

The benefits FAR outweigh the costs. Not to mention that your competitors are all implementing it because of the impressive ROI.

“Fine! We get it but isn’t there a way that we can embrace the decade of digital without huge initial investments?” we hear you ask.

Actually there are lots of ways such as taking a phased approach and implement into your key stores first, then tweak it as you roll it out to other stores. There are often also finance options, which means you can implement now and use the revenue from additional sales and cost efficiencies you have achieved to fund the rollout.

You will convert more customers, be able to better control your marketing messages and save money for your business.  It’s a win-win so come on children of the digital decade! Let’s embrace the new communications tools available to us and see the profits shoot up in the second half of the decade.