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AV pros wear many hats, are conversant in an unusually wide range of technologies and vertical markets, but more than anything else, they are experts in audio and video presentation. No other link in the digital signage supply chain can make that claim!

Once the content is optimized, digitized and transmitted to its final destination across a well-designed network, the final success factor is how good the message sounds and looks.

The “quality of presentation” is ultimately determined by the AV system integration and installation, and that’s the unique selling proposition of the outsourced AV professional and a key responsibility for those within internal IT to manage. 

What’s more, over the past decade, many ad agencies have added digital media content development for their clients’ web sites, as well as digital signage. This makes it necessary for AV integrators to provide content-creation services in order to be successful in digital signage. 

What does all this mean? Its a synergistic relationship.

We work with internal AV experts, contractors and associations across North America, Europe and Asia.

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