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Banks use L Squared as an efficient and effective solution that not only informs customers of services and promotions within the branch it also acts as a form of entertainment, decreasing perceived wait times and ensuring consistent corporate communications and training.

One of the most important benefits of bank digital signage is the ability to provide continuously updated and relevant information at strategic times of the day.

Our Hub software can optimize dynamic displays and transactional kiosks for banking and financial institutions. 

Contact us to get more information and ideas for your business from our digital signage experts.

We offer fantastic solutions to install around waiting areas, behind your tellers, transactional kiosks, and in the drive-through lines.

  • Increases customer acquisition and retention by raising product awareness
  • Visually connects with your customers through eye-catching, dynamic messaging
  • Delivers targeted messages to multiple branches to improve time-to-market for promotional campaigns
  • Facilitates cross- and up-selling of products
  • Reduces perceived wait time and promotes your brand, products and services
  • Enables real-time updating of announcements, rate changes and messages
  • Ensures message consistency through central monitoring

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